Thursday, October 14, 2010

‘I’m Just Saying’: Obama Doubts Blacks Watch ‘Meet the Press’ BONUS VIDEO- Stupid Obama

During a reported meeting with black journalists and bloggers, President Obama began speculating about the newswatching habits of black people — and apparently he doesn’t think they get up on Sunday mornings to watch NBC:

The media is changing so rapidly that more websites, like you guys do every day, do two things. Number one, it allows us to reach audiences that may not be watching Meet The Press. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying, it might be a different demographic.

As for the mysterious videographer that is apparently giving black people their news. The name tag that flutters in and out of the video seems to be that of someone named “Natas–“ who works with an organization called ”The YBF”:

A quick Google search revealed that YBF is the name of the blog Young, Black, and Fabulous, a site specializing in black celebrity gossip. “THE YBF blasts all that is fabulous and foolywang with over 13 million readers a month joining in on the ish talking,” its website says. “The focus is fashion, fabulousness, gossip, and foolywang.”

“Natas–,” then, could be Natasha Eubanks, YBF’s CEO, editor, and writer:

Natasha’s adivce to the next generation: “Don’t let anyone discourage you, even your parents. Even when you want to go Left and they want you to go Right.”

NOTE- This is how WHITE liberals like Obama think when it comes to black people.

They believe that blacks are too lazy to get up on sunday morning or they're just not intelligent enough to comprehend political discussion.

They believe that if blacks can even get out of bed in the morning, they might prefer to watch BET or Soul Train. It's just how white liberals think. We call it 'intellectual racism.'


Maybe blacks don't watch 'Meet The Press' because they know that it's a left leaning show and they don't like watching programs that are biased....

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