Friday, October 29, 2010

MENTAL PATIENT: Olbermann Unleashes 20 Minute Tirade Against Tea Partiers: ‘Unqualified, Unstable Individuals’

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How did Olbermann manage to fit so many lies in this segment? The tea party doesn't like Karl Rove, social security is a ponzi scheme and what the hell does the tea party have to do with Jim Crowe laws? Thousands of black tea partiers could educate the white liberal Olbermann on that subject.

Conservatives and liberals alike will find their blood boiling when they watch the following video, in which Keith Olbermann delivers what he calls a “Special Comment” on the Tea Party’s midterm election candidates. In this nearly 20 minute-long segment, the Countdown host recites a long list of the movement’s affronts to progressivism before ending with a plea for all liberals, Democrats, disillusioned Republicans, moderates, and political neutrals to vote against the Tea Party next Tuesday. READ MORE...

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