Saturday, October 16, 2010

NICE TRY: NBC Tries To Link Black Conservative, Veteran And War Hero Allen West To The Outlaws Biker Gang...

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NBC isn't interested in why democrats want convicted rapists and murderers to vote.

NBC isn't interested in the filthy corrupt democrats in congress who are bankrupting America.

NBC isn't interested in President Obama's relationship with the new Black Panther party, Black Liberation Theology or the fraudulent organization ACORN, which commits massive voter fraud in every election.

NBC isn't interested in reporting on the 24 American citizens who are murdered by illegal immigrants every single day in this country as Obama does nothing to secure the border or even visit the border because he's too busy playing golf, partying with celebrities at the White House and giving campaign speeches while intentionally destroying the country.

NO! NBC is more concerned with attacking Allen West of all people.

Allen West is brave war hero and a man that Americans desperately need in Washington to straighten out the scumbag politicians who are robbing us blind and weakening our nation.

NOT ALL BIKERS ARE CRIMINALS...not even bikers who are members of a gang!

How pathetic and desperate of democrat 'cheerleaders' NBC to attack a black republican and U.S Army veteran who is running for senate.

This is just another bogus attack on the tea party and conservatives by the left wing network NBC.

There will be a few idiots out there who will actually buy this trash reporting by NBC, but not enough to defeat Allen West. In fact, West should see a jump in his donations...

Meet the REAL Allen West...

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  1. No wonder Olberman has no viewers...

    The guy is a fool without any sense of shame for what his idiotic and factless comments...