Sunday, October 3, 2010

ONE DAY OF LEFT WING TRASH: One Thousand 'Loser' March Draws Small Pathetic Crowd. A Day Of Littering The Memorial And Attacking Beck-Palin. WTF?!?

Crowd at ‘One Nation’ Rally Quickly Abandoned Final Speakers

The “One Nation” rally was scheduled to run from 12-4pm ET. But events like this tend to run long. There were a number of speakers on the program after 4pm. They did not have many people sticking around to listen. At the end of the 8/28 rally there were some fantastic musical performances for the crowd to enjoy as they made their way off the mall. And it may have been the “One Nation” plan for their crowd to listen to these speakers as the exited. But it certainly looked pathetic on television. Gateway Pundit called it an “absolute fail“:

And Meredith noted on our Blog that one of the abandoned speakers seemed to call the crowd reaction “depressing”:

After seeing this video, liberals will STILL boast about how the crowd was larger than Beck's and talk about how this event was a major success even though it was a total failure. It's more evidence of 'liberalism' being a serious mental disorder.


Any large crowd is going to leave some evidence behind of what kind of event transpired. That was certainly true of the 8/28 “Restoring Honor” rally. Here is just one picture from The Conservative Lady:

Remember the old “contrast and compare” sections on the tests you took in school? Let’s try that

IN THE CORNER TO MY LEFT- Angry, misguided, ignorant, anti-American, left wing vermin, Marxist-communist-socialist-racist organizations and union members paid to attend this pathetic event.

IN THE CORNER TO MY RIGHT- Patriotic, hard working, educated, tax paying, constitution loving, law abiding, middle class American producers...

SEE MORE pictures of trash that these idiotic disrespectful PIGS left behind on the grounds of the Mall and the Memorial.

SEE VIDEO below...

Blaze BeckPhobia Video Mix: One Nation’s One Day of Beck, Tea Party Hate & Accusations

We lost count at around the 47th lie. These people are so mentally disturbed...

Let’s Compare Aerial Pictures of the 10/2 & 8/28 Rallies- CLICK HERE

‘One Nation’ Rally Welcomed All Sexualities Including ‘Questioning’

Did you see the guys sitting down with the NAACP signs? They're like, 'Umm, don't think so.' They are getting paid to just sit there and have zero interest in what this lesbian is saying whatsoever.

And what's gay and lesbian diversity have to do with countering the tea party and small government?

These left wing morons are delusional. The tea party isn't about racism or homophobia, it's about ending big government, corruption, wasteful spending and ending excessive taxation. Aren't most Americans with functioning brains in agreement with the tea party?

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