Saturday, October 30, 2010

SELLOUTS: Black Panthers Going Back to Polls to Support White Liberals Who Have Oppressed Blacks and Exterminated Black Babies for Decades.

'Okay, okay, what white neighborhood did these 'black' panthers grow up in?'

If playing 'big bad' black panther is their way to make up for their lack of 'blackness,' they're definitely on the wrong side of the fence.

They should learn black history from slavery to the civil rights movement. They should also educate themselves on the true oppressors of blacks; the democrats.

White liberals have oppressed blacks for decades and have destroyed the black family and created mass poverty, poor education, high crime, teen pregnancy, drug use, government dependency and unemployment in every city controlled by democrats. (Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C, Chicago, New York, L.A, Newark, Camden, do we need to continue?)

Coincidence? Ummm, no.

Black Panthers Going Back to Polls

The controversial conservative group King Street Patriots is fighting back. The group has been accused of voter intimidation in Harris County by the Texas Democratic Party and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Members of the Patriots say they're actually the victims. Jonathan Saenz, who is the attorney for the organization, says its members have been intimidated.

Thursday afternoon, the group brought forward several poll watchers who say they found themselves intimidated by voters, county poll watchers and members of the Democratic Party.

Things have gotten so bad they've written a letter to the U/S. Justice Department asking for an investigation, Saenz says.

But the organization has also been accused of scare tactics. The head of the Patriots Catherine Engelbrecht was seen on an amateur video warning poll watchers about Black Panther Members in Houston.

The leader of the New Black Panther Party in Harris County is Quanell X. He says the purpose of his group will not to intimidate people at the polls. He says they will monitor just like the Patriots.

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  1. Boy, the conservatives here are big on accountability and taking responsibilities for actions until they can find a way to blame someone else's troubles on liberals.