Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THIS IS THE PROBLEM!! Senate score: Lawyers 57, manufacturers 0

Today, many of us will watch our favorite football teams play in the NFL, and those games come down to the players on the field. Do you have a roster designed to succeed, or do they feature an imbalance in personnel that leaves a team weak and unable to respond when it gets tough? Ron Johnson, the Republican nominee challenging Russ Feingold, points out that the US Senate has a great roster for a class-action lawsuit — but not when it comes to creating an environment for economic growth or effective budgeting:

It’s time for some serious roster changes.

NOTE- They say the biggest scumbags in America are politicians and lawyers. And when you combine the two, you usually will wind up with a corrupt democrat. (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Alan Grayson, Barney Frank, the list is endless!)

So why in the world do we elect these leeches?!?

There are a few good lawyers in congress (Michele Bachmann) but as a rule of thumb, we should be skeptical of ALL lawyers and Ivy League graduates who run run for office. They're usually the most corrupt, dishonest and radical of all politicians.

If we can get rid of MOST of them, maybe we could get rid of that 'dumbest voter' title we STILL carry here in America.

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