Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AIRHEAD: Whoopi Battles O'Reilly After 'View' Walkout

Liberals REALLY need to get off using the Oklahoma City bombing as an argument. Timothy McVeigh did not blow up a building for religious reasons.

Whoopi Goldberg sounds really stupid when Bill O'Reilly questions her about the Japanese attacking us. We can understand why Joy Behar is hands down the dumbest and most ignorant woman on television, but Whoopi Goldberg can't possible be this dumb.

Good comment under this video:

"Don't you find it funny that she doesn't like "global" statements about any particular group of individuals.....oh, unless it is about Republicans or Conservatives then they are all extreme and insane. What a hypocrite. I can't believe Bill missed an opportunity to nail her on that sort of thing and use several of the audio/video examples from the View where her an Joy go on their rants about Sarah Palin and the insane right wing conservatives. I used to like her but can't stand her left wing, hypocritical ideology any longer."

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