Friday, November 19, 2010

‘An Extraordinary Ass’: Former Clinton Advisor Attacks Palin

Jami Floyd is right about one thing, 'no one is watching' MSNBC.

Jami Floyd is a poster child 'libtard' and here's why.

We already know that Floyd is a leftist and she's FAR from a domestic policy expert.

Sarah Palin did NOT struggle to name her favorite founding father, she liked all of them and credited George Washington. According to liberals, having more than one favorite founding father isn't allowed. And liberals like Jami Floyd have a boatload of nerve even talking about the constitution, a document they believe is equivalent to toilet paper.

Another thing we despise about liberal dirtballs is their hypocrisy and pure ignorance. How come Jami Floyd didn't mention how dumb MSNBC's own Mika Brzezinski was for naming Abe Lincoln as her favorite founding father?!? See video below.

'Really? Seriously? Do you really wanna go there Jami?'

How about Contessa Brewer and MSNBC cropping a video and claiming a BLACK libertarian tea partier with a gun was a white guy. See video below.

We can go on and on showing thousands of examples of how nasty and idiotic liberals are.

YES, if you're a liberal Palin hater and you are reading this right now, guess what?

You are an idiot...


  1. You don't have any call to talk about someone else's hate. This site is Hate Central.

    But I will direct anyone interested to to Mrs. Palin's unprovoked slap at Michelle Obama.

  2. By Hate Central, I mean: We hate people who don't agree with Us about politics.

  3. "An Extraordinary Ass"
    Great in size and degree, enormous in fact, unusually large cheeks, surpassing all previous first ladies in physical magnitude and bulk, supersized, very hard on the eyes, is the trademark of Michelle Obama-----the food Nazi---

    Some advice for the first lady----try eating some more salad's yourself, before you mandate it as part of your nanny state agenda----

  4. Sarah Palin is an atomizer instrument, a disinfectant, a medicament for all the progressive contemptible cockroach's---

  5. Sarah Palin will be our next president. Progressives can start passing around the razor blades.

  6. Hey Russ G. I love reading your posts. Love your humor.

  7. Obama's fsvorite founding father is Mohammad...followed closely by Malcomn X, and then a man who is like a father to him, George Soros, actually his TRUE father, aka SATAN

  8. Union ConservativeMon Nov 22, 07:16:00 AM PST

    I don't think so. This site is just telling it like it is and it's funny that you would reference the Huffington Post as some credible White liberals are such pussies. You do realize what she said about Michele Was true, so I know you have no idea what your talking about. Why don't you go find your testicles. Michelle Obama doesn't like you. She uses you, but really doesnt care much for you. You my friend are a retard.

    Sarah Palin can rescue 23 people from a burning building and the HUFF POST will still accuse her of lighting the fire and beinf stupid for running inside. Liberals are liars, cowards, and mentally deranged. That's a 100% true fact. Too bad 40% of Americans are brainwashed and politically stupid, but it's down from 51% JUST TWO YEARS AGO.

    Liberals are failures and a dying breed. I don't think Obama Hillary or Palin is qualified as President, but I hope Palin gets there because I want to see more progressives dead from hanging themselves and the world will be a much better place.