Wednesday, November 3, 2010

‘Extremely Insulting’: Rep. Bachmann Recounts Bizarre Interview With Chris Matthews. VIDEO: The Best Moments From MSNBC‘s ’Apocalyptic Night’

It's funny to listen to the mentally disturbed progressive MSNBC panel laugh and giggle, too stupid to realize that Bachmann was intentionally ignoring Matthews dumb question.

The Best Moments From MSNBC‘s ’Apocalyptic Night’

These nutjobs are in severe denial and are living in 'fairyland.' Speaking of 'fairy,' watch the video below to see the giant progressive lesbian Rachel Maddow , the failed sportscaster Keith Olbermann, the cross dresser with the thrill up his leg Chris Matthews, and MSNBC's official 'house negro,' Eugene Robinson.

We‘ve brought you some more of MSNBC’s “best” moments from last night’s election coverage (here, here, here, here, here, and especially here). But the crew over at the Daily Beast has a few more irresistible clips (and some great headlines) from what they‘re calling MSNBC’s “apocalyptic night”:

O’Donnell: Rand Paul Will Bring the Apocalypse

Okay first, you can be in Washington for 30 years and still be backed by the tea party. Jim Demint and Ron Paul are favorites of the tea party and they are great men and have been in D.C for quite a while.

MAYBE Maddow should be more concerned about learning what the tea party is really about, instead of lying to her loyal viewers and wishing her 'partner' looked more like Michele Bachmann does...

And Eugene Robinson sarcastically says, 'banks and corporations are people too,' too stupid to realize that corporations, banks and oil companies donated more money to Barack Obama than any tea party backed politician. Does Countrywide, BP and Goldman Sachs ring a bell? Are MSNBC viewers really this stupid, or are they watching like we are JUST to see them SUFFER as they report the massive losses in the house?

Well, it's Keith Olbermann, what did you expect?


Alicia Mendez is hands down, the dumbest democrat strategist in America. She's even dumber than Caroline Heldmen.

Here’s the young, pretty, Democrat Latino, Alicia Menendez, race hustling her party’s latest target, Marco Rubio: the newly-elected and highly-talented Senator from Florida. On the one hand, liberals complain (like NBC’s Chuck Todd did just a moment ago) that the GOP is “all white men,” but if a female, a black, a Latino, etc. identifies themselves as a Republican, they are, as Alicia Menendez says here, not the “real deal.” In other words, if you are not a white male and choose to freely identify as a Republican, you are a betrayer to your sex (females); you are an Uncle Tom or you “act white” (blacks); you are “white washed” or not the “real deal” (Latinos).

This is what happens to your brain when you attend Harvard to earn a degree in (don't laugh) 'women, gender and sexual studies.' That's almost as bad as a philosophy degree (Rachel Maddow).

Does this BIMBO even realize that Latino's Raul Labrador, Jaime Herrera, Brian Sandoval, David Rivera, Bill Flores, Susana Martinez and Marco Rubio won the elections yesterday? ALL REPUBLICANS...

Do these other moronic progressives realize that black candidates Tim Scott, Jennifer Carroll and Allen West won in WHITE districts as REPUBLICANS?!?

Liberals are idiots. Alicia Menendez, Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are all ignorant, brainwashed libtards.

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  1. Alicia Menendez is probably the most out of touch person in charge of a think tank. I don't think that she even realizes that her stances are fueled more by her immaturity and not by reason. This is what happens when too much knowledge is given to someone with a brain not fully developed.

    She literally still thinks with a child-like brain and cannot grasp how serious the Obama disaster really is.