Monday, November 22, 2010

'Femwad' Lawrence O’Donnell: Sarah Palin is ruining the English language (But he Ignores Ebonics on House Floor by a Democrat)

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If there is something we learned this year, it’s that anything Palin tweets or writes on Facebook becomes international news and the talk of the nation, especially when it comes to politics.

Two nights ago on his program, Lawrence O’Donnell decided to rant on New Oxford American Dictionary for their decision to include Sarah Palin’s word “refudiate” into the English language.

Palin’s typo in a tweet about the Ground Zero mosque was the talk on twitter. Palin called it “Shakespearean.” The result: she popularized the word and it is now part of the lexicon.

New Oxford wrote about their decision:

How come Lawrence O'Donnell criticizes Palin for one word but won't criticize an actual POLITICIAN for poor English? How about the 'out of the closet' socialist Lawrence O'Donnell take a few minutes out of his time to talk about Rep. Corrine Brown's HORRIBLE English and ebonics on the HOUSE FLOOR?!?

Shouldn't this be more important news? This is a disgrace.....

OMG! Seriously?!? This is a sitting U.S congresswoman!

And Lawrence O'Donnell is worried about the word 'refudiate' being used by a civilian?


Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't have the testicle fortitude to expose Corrine Brown because like most white progressives, they're scared to death of black people.

Liberals seem to have no problem oppressing blacks, lying to them and using them for votes, but if you think they're going to expose a black woman this stupid for her poor English, don't hold your breathe, it isn't happening.

It's much easier to go after Sarah Palin.

Liberals are idiots...

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