Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frustrated Ann Coulter Loses it With Guest on Hannity Over TSA

Ummm, we're not sure who posted 'Ann Coulter gets owned' to this video, but they got it completely backwards. As any rational human being with a functioning brain (that eliminates liberals) can see, Ann Coulter has the best solution for airport security.

On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity invited Ann Coulter and Fox legal expert Peter Johnson Jr. on the show to discuss TSA screening measures. What ensued was a contentious, awkward meltdown by Coulter after Johnson interrupted her several times.

In fact, Coulter was so upset at one point that she asked Hannity to step in and “stop” Johnson and vowed never to appear with Johnson again. And that’s after she started yelling on live TV.

Grab the popcorn. The exchange heats up at about 4:00, but the entire debate is worth watching:

Wow, was that guy rude!

Liberals hate Ann Coulter. They only hate Ann Coulter because she's so much smarter than they are...


  1. WTF Hannity?! Be a man and let the lady speak. Looks like hannity loses control of his own show to some wet towel liberal.

  2. Seriously Hannity - why does Ann have to tell you to take control of your own show? You're starting to look like Colmes

  3. I am not a big fan of Coulter but she is 100% on point when it comes to these pornographic/cancerous scanners. The boob she was debating is a complete idiot shill for big gov't policies. Americans should NEVER sacrifice any freedoms for bullshit security. If Bush was in office these dirtbags would cry POLICE STATE. This is the reason why I just don't take liberals seriously. They love to flip flop & I still don't see any anti war protests under the Obama regime.

    Their answer to everything is to sacrifice freedom of choice for crappy security. When crime goes up, they want to punish law abiding citizens with gun control. GUN CONTROL IS A COMPLETE FAILURE & now these losers want to push porno scanners (I am not saying that this didn't start under the Bush fan of bush either) thinking that this will stop terrorism. This is a complete joke.