Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lt. Colonel Allen West’s Victory Speech 'I Will Take That Gavel.' This Man Should Be 'Speaker Of The House,' Not Boehner...

Retired Army Lt. Colonel Allen West was one of the GOP’s big winners Tuesday night, and one of two black Republican candidates to be elected this season. During his victory speech for Florida’s 22nd district, West spoke about American exceptionalism, confronting her enemies head on, and called out Washington’s Democratic leaders.

Said one supporter who posted the speech, “I’m 40 years old. In my lifetime, I‘ve only seen 2 political candidates that made my ’toes tingle.’ President Ronald Reagan, and our new congressman, Allen west.”

Others seemed to agree. Spontaneous chants of “U-S-A” erupted right before the crowd sang the National Anthem:

NOTE- Alan West or Michele Bachmann should be the Speaker of the House, NOT John Boehner! We need more Americans like Alan West to go to Washington and straighten out the out of control spending and corruption. Alan West is no sellout..

WE hope Alan West runs for President after only one year in congress. We need a 'commander in chief,' not an anti-American community organizer. If a do-nothing junior state senator conned his way into the Presidency, there's no reason Alan West can't legitimately do it...

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