Thursday, November 11, 2010

MSNBC‘s Admitted 'Socialist' Lawrence O’Donnell Responds to Beck: ‘We Are All Socialists Now’

O'Donnell is such a sissy boy...

On his Tuesday night version of “Last Word” Lawrence O‘Donnell went after Glenn Beck for seizing on O’Donnell’s admission last Friday that he was a socialist. In an over seven minute explanation, O’Donnell concludes, “we are all socialists now”:

Here’s my take (usually reserved for the blog, but I’ll include it here).

The most surprising part of O‘Donnell’s follow-up is his defense. He doesn‘t say that he’s not a socialist, just that we all are. In doing so, he explains a sort of “gotcha” moment directed towards Beck, saying that last week was not a sudden outburst of the heart (as Beck had portrayed it)– no, he‘s admitted before he’s a socialist, along with Bill Maher (and they both threw Barack Obama into their fold). Take that. READ MORE...

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