Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Must watch: Dem candidates raise money on air at MSNBC

Wow! She's so smart! This is what happens when you attend college to earn a degree in 'philosophy.' (Don't laugh, we're serious!)

Wait, didn’t Rachel Maddow assure us on Friday that, unlike those mercenary wingnuts at Fox News who let Republican guests pitch donation URLs on the air, MSNBC is “not a political operation”? Six full minutes of fact-checkin’ fun here via Johnny Dollar, who not only spent hours piecing this lowlight reel together but has an accompanying post delving further into the hypocrisy. Somehow, Hannity and Palin raising money for conservatives is qualitatively different from Ed Schultz and Harold Ford doing the same for liberals. Which, I guess, is true: When Hannity and Palin push their side, they’re playing politics, whereas when Schultz and Ford push theirs, they’re making news. Please do take time to read his post and watch the clip; I promise, you’ll enjoy every minute. READ MORE...

NOTE- Rachel Maddow is not smart and she isn't very honest. Only an idiot would believe that...

The snarky Maddow is nothing more than a giant progressive carpet muncher.

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