Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama Bangs Up Lip Doing What He Does Best (Besides Lying). Playing Basketball. 'Sissy' President Needs 12 Stitches,,

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama needed 12 stitches in his lip after taking an errant elbow during a pickup basketball game Friday with a group of family and friends visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House said.

First word about the injury came in a statement from press secretary Robert Gibbs nearly three hours after the incident saying that Obama was inadvertently struck by someone's elbow. The individual was not identified.

Obama received the stitches under local anesthesia in the doctor's office on the ground floor White House after he returned home. The medical unit that treated Obama used a smaller filament than typically used, which increases the number of stitches but makes a tighter stitch and results in a smaller scar. READ MORE...


  1. This means he is a bad president

  2. Glenn Beck would have sat down and cried. I imagine Sarah Palin would have covered the wound with lipstick and beargrease.

    Do you think the president's doctor might have made the call on treatment? Doctors usually are the ones that make those decisions.

    The guys on this board are funny with their macho posturing. This place is sort of the Jersey Shore of politics.

  3. those caps,that make him lisp when he lies must be quite SHARP on the edges..