Thursday, November 11, 2010

PATHETIC: MSNBC Host Asks Van Jones for Advice: What Can Progressives Do?

Big victories for the Republican Party last week have liberal progressives on edge and so-called “green” policies facing uncertain futures. Fortunately for the progressive base, MSNBC went right to the source to get their new marching orders.

In an “interview” with MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur this week, former White House green jobs czar and current senior fellow at the Center for American Progress Van Jones criticized the president’s progressive base for “sitting back, munching popcorn, blogging and tweeting about what the president is not doing.”

“You gotta get specific with me. You gotta tell me what can progressives actually do?” Cenk pressed in MSNBC’s typically unbiased fashion, of course.

After Cenk accused the White House of throwing him under the bus, Jones went on to plug his Green For All organization and encouraged progressives to support the EPA, which he claimed will be put “on the chopping block” with Republicans regaining control in the House.

In addition, Jones asserted that banks and oil companies like Halliburton are plenty of money and that they should be forced to pay for putting unemployed Americans back to work:

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