Monday, November 1, 2010

Reason TV: What we saw at the Restore Sanity rally. ALL WHITE PEOPLE! (And Really Dumb Ones!)

This many DUMB WHITE PEOPLE at one rally might explain why more blacks are attending the tea party.

Sanity is apparently in the eye of the beholder, as is coherence. Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie and Michael Moynihan eschewed the stage show and talked directly to the participants in the Restore Sanity rally yesterday and discovered that many of the people who attended had little notion about the politics of the moment. The best moment comes at the very end, when Michael gets a rally attendee to inadvertently describe the entire Democratic Congress’ approach to debt reduction (and that of the GOP from 2001-6) in a manner that also manages to be more coherent than any statement from either political party:

There was also this moment of “sanity” from another attendee:

Woman: You don’t see reasonable people putting Hitler mustaches on people’s faces!

Moynihan: So there were no people with “Bush as Hitler” signs, as there are as Obama as Hitler?

Woman: I see what you’re saying. No, but if there should have been a Hitler sign on somebody, it would have been him. READ MORE...

You have just witnessed how STUPID the attendees of 'restoring sanity' rally are, so
let's put these DUMB white liberals at Stewart's 'restoring sanity' rally, against some SMART black conservatives who confront Al Sharpton fans at Beck's 'restoring honor' rally.

We are doing this because most WHITE liberals think that blacks are just too stupid to think for themselves and feel the need to tell blacks how they should vote, while demonizing intelligent blacks who don't support the radical failing agenda of the democratic/socialist party. (Example: See Janeane Garofalo)

Still not convinced? See video below of BLACK tea partiers. Again, compare them to the stoned, moronic white liberals in the 'restoring sanity' video.


  1. Talk Radio show 630 WMAL morning guy Chris Plante went to the rally and said he was told that liberal groups were handing out fliers.. Chris collected fliers from the Socialist Equality Party,, the Communist Revolutuionery Party and also from an islamic group... the Islamic groups flier was inviting people to try Islam as a new way to govern,, the old ways having failed...
    well, it is even more important than ever then that we get the TRUTH about Islam out to all... the TRUTH that Islam has not deviated form it original text which dates back to 620 AD,,, new??? change???? more like Archaeic and BARBARIC!!!
    make sure that you spread the TRUTH about Islam since the media will not help in this... it would be a true crime if Islam became the next cool thing for those who voted for the American Idol to be president...they need to be told that it resembles the mob... that you can never leave.. even after finding out the truth about losing your freedom and having to live up to the standards of the most radical when the time comes to kill family members and friends who did not convert..

  2. a police officer who worked the rally called in to the Chris Plante show and told how 6 police cars had been jumped on and looked like they had been rolled before the end of the day.. real sane and peaceful eh?
    also he said that when they were called to assist a guy who thought he was having a heart attack,, ralliers were blocking them in, asking "where you going? to get some donuts?"