Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SISSIES: Exclusive Audio: Militant Anti-Tea Party National Socialist Strategy Session Calling for Head-Cracking Revolution

'Oh please Mr. microphone gangster, PLEASE show up at the next tea party running your mouth!'

Liberals are cowards and sissies. They talk a tough game, but if they show up at a tea party trying to crack some heads, they better have some good health care insurance, they're going to need it for all of the lumps on their dome.

Every time one of these liberal wussies open their mouth to attack good hard working American people, it's their heads WE want to crack. And we will if they ever try showing up to a tea party we're attending.

These progressive wimps are not even man enough to work for a living, how they going to beat up tea partiers? That's funny...

'Ding Ding! Let's get it on!'

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