Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trump: Obama in Over His Head, Not Respected by World. 'Our Country Is Stupidly Run'

With Donald Trump stating the obvious, will MSNBC accuse Trump of being a 'racist?'

Donald Trump is right about Obama being in over his head, but remember Donald Trump did support Hillary Clinton at one point and that's SCARY...

Hillary Clinton isn't much different than Obama, other than she's even more of a pandering phony than Obama is. Hillary Clinton would have been even more dangerous than Obama because for some odd reason, her husband is still considered likable by naive Americans who really believe he did a great job as President. If it wasn't for his conservative advisor Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich's congress, Bill Clinton would have been a total failure like Jimmy Carter was.

Bill Clinton was a lying, corrupt, narcissist who can't even bring himself to admit that he helped cause the housing collapse.

Anyone who likes the Clintons must be a little naive or got something from them. To forgive their lies, dirty dealings and scandals just because they seem 'likable' seems pretty dumb.

Donald Trump shouldn't run for President, he should consider joining the economic team of the next President because the President we have now is NOT interested in fixing our economy, he's intentionally trying to collapse it.

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