Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOW! New York Times Op-Ed to Obama: Why Don't You Try and Stop Acting So Smug?

Yeah right, Obama’s a pompous ass, it’s ingrained in his DNA…

WASHINGTON (NYT)- I was among the early and strong supporters of Barack Obama. America was stuck and it seemed to me he could take the country forward into the 21st century, which began so tragically in downtown New York and here in the nation's capital. Like many, at midterm, I'm struggling with my disappointment.

...Oh yeah, says another, he's too cool a customer, a beguiling construct more than flesh and blood, an empty vessel for a misplaced idealism, a politician averse to pressing the flesh (and what else is politics?), a man who - not for nothing - tilts his chin upward when he speaks.

I was talking to a Democratic Party donor, a Kansas City businessman. He said he's given over $30,000 to Obama - and not a word of thanks. He was irritated. Lots of people think this president is too smug to write thank-you notes or make quick courtesy calls.

After the inevitable midterm defeat, Obama needs to make some decisions. He’s stuck on the 20-yard line in domestic and foreign policy. The facile attacks on “fat-cat bankers” have to end. They don’t convince the left and they infuriate the right. Prosecute, by all means, but don’t rail. And remember that Americans get good housekeeping in the end. One $787 billion fiscal injection is enough.

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  1. Why Don't You Try and Stop Acting So Smug?

    It's not an act. He is an arrogant man.