Tuesday, December 21, 2010

22-0 with 22 K.O's: Dana Loesch DESTROYS Spitzer. Teaches 'client #9' a lesson.

Why would a democrat bring Dana on their show KNOWING she will embarrass them? It's like some out of shape guy with no amateur fight experience taking on a young Mike Tyson is his prime. You have to know you're going to get knocked out!

We still have boatloads of the really DUMB female college students on campus. These 'dummies' really believe that people like Hillary Clinton are really smart (Don't laugh, it's true!) and have no clue who the Speaker of the House is (Or how evil Nancy Pelosi is). They are indoctrinated like little naive sheep and look up to so-called feminists who aren't really feminists.

Young women should be looking up to intelligent women like Dana Loesch and REAL feminists like Michele Bachmann. Loesch is someone who young women SHOULD be looking up to as a role model. She's brilliant, witty, attractive, successful and she tells the truth. Name one female liberal who has those qualities?


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