Thursday, December 30, 2010

DUMB DEMO-CRACKERS: Radical Cause and Effect: Van Jones Policies Are Redistributing Wealth to Hate Group New Black Panthers *UPDATED

This post has been updated to include important video that was missing from the original corrupted source file.

Well let us be the first to thank and give a shout out to those 'guilt-ridden' white liberal idiots who voted for Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you for creating more racism, more 'green' propaganda, more debt and wasteful spending and more wealth redistribution.

It's bad enough that liberals separate, use and oppress poor blacks, Hispanics and whites, but now they want to reward hate groups and felons with 'green' jobs that really don't do anything to improve the environment! (Unless they're working sanitation detail after a liberal rally in which they can pick up the tons of trash left by the progressive pigs)

AGAIN, for the 187th time, Glenn Beck was right and the idiotic liberals who attacked him were WRONG. Van Jones is everything Glenn Beck said he was AND some...

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