Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FNC‘s Megyn Kelly Disgusted With Obama’s Praise for Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick. Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick ‘Should Have Been Executed’

President Barack Obama’s praise for the Philadelphia Eagles giving convicted dog-murderer Michael Vick a second chance at his NFL career had Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly up in arms today as she condemned Vick’s “systematic torture” of animals and wondered if someone who had treated human beings the same way would be worth of a presidential seal of approval:

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick ‘Should Have Been Executed’

NOTE- It isn't that Michael Vick doesn't deserve a second chance to work and earn a living playing football. He did his time and paid his dues, but for President Obama to make that statement is really disgusting. If you disagree, please see video below. Watch the video below; do you approve of this?

President Obama should let Michael Vick 'dogsit' his dog Bo. He would make a great sparring partner or 'bait' dog for Vicks pit bulls.

Barack Hussein Obama sympathizes with terrorists, supports the new black panthers, dog killers, cop killers and appoints members of the communist party to his administration, but he considers the Cambridge Police 'stupid' and tea partiers irrelevant white trash. How in the world did this moron become President of the United States? Do we really have that many dumb voters in America? (Apparently it's around 66,000,000)

Where's PETA and those so-called animal rights activists at? Where's Ashley Judd and those other celebrity libtards who attacked Sarah Palin for the approval of hunting wolf to prevent them from wondering in residential neighborhoods and eating little kids? Apparently clubbing, hanging, electrocuting, beating and drowning dogs because they lost a fight to another dog is different because Obama is a forgiving guy.

Will Ashley Judd to make a new commercial about Obama being so supportive of Michael Vick, the REAL dog killer? If she does, we hope she's honest about it, UNLIKE the last commercial she made where Judd conveniently leaves important FACTS out of the commercial making Sarah Plain look like some sort of cold-blooded wolf killer.

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