Thursday, December 2, 2010

FREAK SHOW: LPGA caves and changes gender requirement...

Look at this mess....are you kidding?

LPGA players have voted to allow transgender players to compete on tour in response to a lawsuit filed by a California woman who had her sex changed five years ago.

The players voted to remove the “female at birth” requirement from the tour’s constitution at a year-end meeting at the LPGA Tour Championship, commissioner Michael Whan said. He said steps will be taken in the coming weeks to make the change.

Lana Lawless, a former police officer who had the sex change operation, filed the federal lawsuit in San Francisco in October claiming the “female at birth” requirement violated California’s civil rights law. The 57-year-old Lawless wanted to prevent the LPGA from conducting tournaments in the state until it changed its policy and was seeking unspecified damages.

Lawless also sued three tour sponsors and the Long Drivers of America, which followed the LPGA policy. Lawless won the annual women’s long-drive golf championship in 2008 with a 254-yard drive, but was barred from competing this year after organizers adopted the LPGA’s gender rules. READ MORE...

NOTE- So this is what America has come to? Now 'transvestites' with mental problems are suing everyone and the LPGA caves! Now golf will turn into a possible freak show. And how is it fair for a man (we don't recognize this 'transvestite' as a woman no matter what he does) to change his gender and enter a women's long-driving contest? That's not fair to the REAL women who participated.

Transvestites have SEVERE emotional and mental disorders and need psychiatric help, not penis removal. It's bad enough we have thousands of mentally ill progressives who vote and who would cover sex changes in the disastrous health care bill if they could.

So what's next, the government making 'transgendered' bathrooms mandatory in every business and government building? Teaching fourth graders that sex changes are normal?

America is further declining faster than Nancy Pelosi's approval ratings..

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