Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GREEN MAKE BELIEVE: Van Jones Admits Left is ‘PRETENDING’ Need for Regulations in Green Movement


If these MORONS are supposed to be so smart, how come they don't realize they're on video?

ANSWER? They don't 'think' millions of young Americans are naive and stupid, they 'know' it. This audience is a perfect example.


  1. This guy shows his hand and the hand of the green people by letting us see how they intend to direct their propoganda to the youth…he knows his lies won’t fly with the older more informed folks….so he is basically saying they need to redouble their efforts to indoctrinate the youth…well two can play at that game, if the good people do not want to go through a similar, yet worse, scenereo in the near future than we need to concentrate our efforts on our young and on paying closer attention to what is being taught in our schools. This means we (as parents) basically need to go back to school ourselves in as far as we need to take the time and read our kids text books and get more involved in their homework and such. That is exactly how they gained a foot hold on these babyboomers and initially brainwashed them while their naive parents were caught unaware and trusted the schools to do their job. Now they can no longer fool us and their treachery is no longer effective.

  2. Please quite posting these videos that start automatically. It's annoying as crap to visit your pages and have three videos start playing that you have already watched.