Monday, December 20, 2010

JOKE? FCC Working With Al Sharpton to Let HIM Drag Rush and Others in FRONT OF A PUBLIC HEARING to Explain Themselves


Why is Sharpton even relevant? And who in Washington invited this 'rubber brother' clown? The Obama administration FCC crew?

Do white liberals really need to use Al Sharpton to shut down talk radio by using the race card? Talk radio is where you get the truth, so why does Al Sharpton and the democrats want it shut down?

ANSWER: Al Sharpton, without the democrats in power, is waiting in the unemployment line.

Al Sharpton called someone a 'punk faggot' and now he's for gay rights? That's really believable...

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  1. Please quite posting these videos that start automatically. It's annoying as crap to visit your pages and have three videos start playing that you have already watched.