Monday, December 20, 2010

LEFTIST NUT: Marxist Dem Rep. Tells Russian Media: U.S. Is ‘Banana Republic’ Without Wealth Redistribution

Without more redistribution of wealth, the United States of America is on the road to becoming a “banana republic,” warns Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.

In an interview with Russia Today, Congresswoman Schakowsky claims that the American middle class is disappearing because the federal government is failing to effectively redistribute wealth. Among her top concerns: extending Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t “banana republics” tend to be found in parts of the world where government become too involved — whether voluntarily or by force? And isn’t free enterprise one of the best ways to deter such concentrated government power?

But Schakowsky‘s is the mindset of many Democrats today who believe redistributing the nation’s wealth is the only way to maintain a middle class, despite history’s lessons to the contrary.

At the same time, Russia Today offers this report, claiming that the American Dream is dead: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

NOTE- Jan Schakowsky is a U.S Congresswoman and a Marxist dirtbag who is married to Robert Creamer, the progressive convicted felon.

In this video below, we see and hear the despicable far-left Rep Jan Schakowsky of Illinois gleefully predicting the death of the private insurance industry at the hands of the federal government and the single-payer healthcare system.

She's a human trash bag. What in the world are the people of Illinois thinking?


  1. Over last weekend, Free Speech TV showed a documentary entitled "What a Way To Go, Life at the End of Empire".. it was basically about how these people who have no clue how to be productive are going to force America to kill capitalism and civilization...
    honestly, that was what they said...
    Ironically,, the people in the documentary looked like they would perish if wealth was not redistributed to them by the hour... be ready to survive.. remember what you learned in scouts... we can rebuild America after these losers starve... we can rebuild America back to her greatness after they are gone.

  2. i used to think those militia libertarians were koo koo krazy years ago and now I see exactly what they're talking about. I am looking to purchase land in Oklahoma, tons of ammunition and food. My wife thought I was bonkers. She is now at the range. It's definatley coming, and if you don't believe me, just check out and the #1 forecaster in the world gerals calente.

    It sucks, but thanks to mostly progressives, this country is finished.