Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHEN 'LIBTARDS' ATTACK! Olbermann Lashes Out at Obama With Nazi-Era Reference. Crazy Ed Shultz and Malloy Attack Obama..

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The list of liberal pundits jumping from the Obama ship keeps growing. Add to it Keith Olbermann. During Tuesday Night’s “Countdown,“ Olbermann ranted for over 11 minutes about Obamas ”tax cut” deal with Republicans. But always the class act, and original, Olbermann made sure to get in a Nazi reference.

As Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher points out, Olbermann tried to tip-toe around the reference, but it was still pretty clear:

He might deny it, using a lace doily of a fig leaf that would embarrass even Rush Limbaugh, but Countdown host Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” Tuesday night heavily featured that most Godwinian of rhetorical devices: the Nazi comparison.

So what did Olbermann say? Well after opening his rant with a Winston Churchill quote and contrasting it with a statement from a secret government source, Olbermann goes on to insinuate Nazi appeasement:

The Churchill quotation — as opposed to the quotation from the very Senior member of your Administration, Mr. President — is from October 5th, 1938.

I don’t want to make any true comparison to the historical event to which it related; the viewer can go ahead and look it up if they wish; I will confess I won’t fight if anybody wants to draw a comparison between what you’ve done with our domestic politics of our day, to what Neville Chamberlain did with the international politics of his.

As Christopher puts it: “Translation: ‘I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.’”

One final point before the video. You’ll hear Olbermann get angry with his government source for making some belittling comment that since Olbermann disagreed with the deal, he must just not have understood it. Here‘s Olbermann’s reaction:

Yesterday I had an exchange with a very Senior member of this Administration who wanted to sell me on this deal. I pointed out that that was fine, except that — as I phrased it to him — “frankly the base has just vanished.” “Well,” he replied, “then they must not have read the details.” There, in a nutshell, is this Administration. They didn’t make a bad deal — we just don’t understand it.

Maybe I’m reading into things, but Olbermann’s complaint there sounds a lot like what conservatives have been noticing with the administration for the last two years — mainly, every time Obama and the democrats fail, it’s only a communication problem, or the voters just aren‘t smart enough to understand what’s going on. Say it ain’t so, Keith!

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Was That an Ed Schultz Segment or an SNL Skit?

How do you boost ratings? Ed Schultz has an idea. Invite a mild-mannered Republican on your show as a guest, pair him with a wild, shoot-from-the hip Democrat who doubles as a satellite radio host, throw them some political meat called “Bush tax cuts,” and watch them fight over it.

That pretty much describes the “Ed Show” segment from Tuesday night, when Ed hosted GOP strategist Ron Christie and Democratic radio host Joe Madison. All Schultz had to do was ask their thoughts on the tax cuts, sit back, and watch the segment degenerate into what on Saturday night would pass for an SNL skit.


Liberal Radio Host Turns on Obama: Nothing He Can Do to Redeem Himself

There‘s not a lot I can say about what you’re about to hear. I’ll warn you: it contains a lot of anger, hate, and false information. It also goes to show how Obama is losing the left.

Here’s liberal satellite radio talk show host Mike Malloy saying that, after Obama’s “tax cut” deal yesterday, he doesn’t think “there’s anything this man could say or do that would redeem him in my eyes.“ He also added that if ”you’re a Democrat [and] you’re gonna maintain your loyalty to Obama after what he has done in terms of absolute utter cowardice, go ahead, count me out”:

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