Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Progressive Ed Schultz's 'House Negro' Jesse Jackson Calls for ‘Radical Reordering’ of American Economy

When plan A fails, repeat it and call it plan B.

A MESSAGE FOR JESSE JACKSON- (No, not the most corrupt member of congress, that's his son Jesse Jackson Jr.)

"Hey Jesse, the war on poverty has failed! It has failed because the mostly white liberals who you side with, who control YOU, the NAACP and the democratic party, have kept many poor blacks government dependent, uneducated, pregnant, addicted to drugs, incarcerated, unemployed, broke and voting DEMOCRAT. Without them, YOU have no job, no income and no 'Ed Schultz Show' appearances. You only have a degree in 'spitting on white peoples hamburgers' and know NOTHING about the economy. You actually help other black and white liberals (democrats) keep poor blacks down and create additional poverty by creating 'victims' and high taxes, destroying the black family and killing the incentive to work. Obama himself hasn't even done NOTHING to lower the astronomical black unemployment numbers since he took office! Like Obama, deep down inside, you're nothing but a 'white liberal.' You side with people who have no problem aborting (killing) millions of black babies and protecting illegal aliens who take American jobs, but when it comes to job creation, it can take a back seat to gay marriage. Give us a break, you ain't fooling anyone, not even the guilty white liberals who own you and use you."


  1. OUCH! DAMMMMMMNNNNN. good one...lmao so true

  2. The black community has completely abandoned MLK’s “content of character” ideal. It is ALL about RACE and COLOR. Lets look at recent remarks by the so called REV Al Sharpton race baiter and champion of those with their hand out. By the way… why is called Rev. Have you ever heard him preach about Jesus? I haven’t. Anyway, he is calling for a percentage of government contracts to go to black contractors of all sorts based on their percentage of the population (about 13%). This makes about as much sense as requiring the NBA to have 80% of their players be 5 foot 9 inch white guys. Its just silly. But this is just another example of Al’s “give the black man what he hasn’t earned” ideas, but what about the black population at large? Well, lets look at the recent presidential election. According to Politico, 95% of the black population voted for Obama and 44% of whites. 95 percent? That number alone should make it clear that the black community is obsessed with race. Clearly the reason they are obsessed with race is because Rev Al and his ilk has imbued the black community with a victim mentality and that they can receive what they have not earned simply by being black. Unless and until the black community becomes color blind and rediscovers the dream that MLK had, racism will always exist and it will exist within the black community.