Monday, December 6, 2010

Troops Boo Kathy Griffin at USO Event for Bristol Palin Fat Joke

Like most of Kathy Griffin’s career, a recent joke about Bristol Palin’s weight during a USO event fell flat. In fact, it was so ill-received that the troops in the audience booed its delivery.

To make things worse, Griffin responded by egging the troops on and yelling, “War is hell!“ That seems grossly out of place considering the event was called ”USO’s Divas Salute to the Troops”:

NOTE- Kathy Griffin is an emotionally disturbed and confused lesbian. She's also a friend of Joy Behar, which might explain her stupidity.

Does Kathy Griffin even realize that she's insulting the sister of an Army infantryman who served in Iraq? And she's doing this at a USO event for the troops!

Liberals are idiots...


  1. You are the idiot. Though the "comedian" is immoral and willing to do anything to gain any fame, your grouping of her to all of those with liberal ideological views exhibits your stupidity.
    I never thought that I would be in a position to even give the appearance that I cared one bit for Griffin, but your stupidity has done it. Read a book. You probably do not even know what the definition of your own point of view is.

    You are clueless.

  2. I disagree. It's a 100% fact that liberals (who keep changing their names to escape their true identity-now "progressives") are idiots. They really are miserable, angry, irrational, rude, nasty, hypocritical and in severe denial. If not one, all of the above-and you can't dispute that fact.

    What I like about conservatives is that they are really trying to clean up their party, rid out the hypocrites and they would condemn one of their own if they had done something like this, while mean, nasty liberals celebrate these fellow retards.

    So being a comedian, Kathy Griffin can show up and insult family members of serviceman and a daughter of a former EXCELLENT governor (Whether you like it or not, it doesnt matter, she had an 80% approval rating, thats EXCELLENT)

    Why doesn't Kathy do jokes about the daughters of the biggest fraud, failure and the most compulsive lying President-how about a joke about how a community organizer and "below average" student at Harvard, Occidental, U-Chicago-Columbia- conned the pants off of over 60 million idiots and went from a bullhorn carrying, telephone pole stapling community agitator-do nothing Senator- to President of the United States? That would be funnier and more accurate.

    Read a book? Well, maybe if you didn't read books written by Al Franken you wouldn't be so fu**ing stupid...

    Take that and shove it where global warming blocked the sun from shining you dope.

  3. She's never been funny. She's just obnoxious.

  4. Griffin is a joke..a bad joke. Just a D lister dyke with a smarmy mouth & a bad attitude.May she choke to death on the vaginal juices of her lesbian potpie.

  5. Liberals are the poster children for self loathing.