Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why do liberals hate White People, The United States, Heterosexuals, and Christians?

Liberals seem to think it's alright to bash only certain groups of people.

-Liberals love to bash white people.
-Conservatives seem to understand that all people are one human family.

-Liberals love to bash America.
-Conservatives are proud of America.

-Liberals are intolerant of heterosexuals that are for traditional marriage.
-Conservatives don't care what gay people do as long as they keep it in the bedroom where it belongs.

-Liberals are mainly Pro-Islamic, Pro-Atheist, and think we've mistreated the terrorists.
-Conservatives don't care what religion you practice, but leave us alone.

Why is it that liberals have such a problem with the western world? If America collapsed tomorrow, over 100 nations would starve to death within a few months. Many of them are African and Arab nations.

So, why do they hate these groups?

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