Friday, December 17, 2010

WOW! MUST SEE! Cop Stops Robbery While Investigating Different Heist! ALSO: Arsonist Sets Fire to Salon and Barely Escapes

If you're wondering why we post these videos on our blog, it's simple. Most criminals are Obama supporters and 'liberalism' is responsible for most of the crime in America. Think really hard about that one if you're confused....

Consider it being at the right place at the right time.

Ohio officer Joshua Campbell swung by a local Walgreen’s story to pick up footage of a robbery that occurred just hours earlier. While waiting in line to talk with the clerk, Campbell notices the man in front of him reach over the counter and start raiding the cash register. After taking a few seconds to process the unbelievable coincidence, he pulls his gun and steps in.

The footage is amazing, especially after the would-be bandit puts up a fight. Campbell, who at one point has a gun to the man’s head, has to eventually fling the man to the ground using some moves that would make some wrestling coaches very proud:

Arsonist Sets Fire to Salon and Barely Escapes

Police have released security footage showing the moments a Jacksonville, FL arsonist set fire to a salon — and barely escaped the consuming fire:

The Florida Times-Union reports early damage estimates are as high as $100,000. Salon owner Semone Blair is a former model who, after falling on hard times, worked to raise enough capital to open the business.

“If they can find the person, then I will definitely have some peace in myself,” she told the Times-Union. “Knowing they are still out there, and not knowing why they did that is still an obstacle. … I am paranoid.”

Police released the video in hopes that someone can identify the suspect.

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