Thursday, January 13, 2011

WHITE LIBERAL 'BOOTLICKER.' ‘Nonpartisan’ Shooting Vigil Features Palin And Beck Bashing. What Is The Obsession With The Word 'Rhetoric'

The event was supposed to be a somber prayer vigil in Oakland, CA — a “nonpartisan event” meant “to express solidarity with the victims” of the Tucson shooting. But like many media reports this past week, the candlelight vigil eventually degenerated into Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin bashing. With a little Dr. King sprinkled in to support those remarks.

The story comes from blogger “Zombie,” who gives a first-hand account of visiting the vigil. The event was sponsored by the East Bay Young Democrats and numerous other liberal organizations, and its goal was “to condemn political violence and violence in the local community.” But organizer Jonathan Bair went out of his way to explain it would be a “nonpartisan event” meant “to express solidarity with the victims.”

According to Zombie, it wasn’t. After some allusions to conservatives and claims of “violence-tinged speech and images” were erased by thoughtful speeches from clergy members, something happened:

And then everything went sour when the MC introduced someone named Roy Wilson, Program Director of Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center. At the climactic moment of this supposedly non-partisan event honoring victims, Mr. Wilson uncorked a rambling word-salad monologue that not only specified the bad guys by name, but devolved into a semi-coherent rant about social justice and racism and more mind-bending mixed metaphors than have ever been crammed into one paragraph. Here we were, trying to feel sympathy for the victims, and we had to endure this

NOTE- How do you know when a liberal is lying? The usual answer is, 'when they open their mouth.' In this case, it's when a liberal mentions the word 'rhetoric' in any sentence. They're obsessed with the word 'rhetoric' because they THINK it makes them sound intelligent, and because most democrat voters don't understand the definition of 'rhetoric.' They also use the word because they can't give specific examples of the so-called 'rhetoric' they claim exists.

Finally, it's really pathetic to watch these old white 'academic' liberals insult their own race, distort history and suck up to blacks with their 'rhetoric' as if it will gain them acceptance from the same blacks who have no idea what the hell these old white liberals are talking about. They suck up to them and talk to them as if they're too stupid to think for themselves.

What did this old white liberal really mean?

Liberal translation-

'Please black people, please be my friend. Even though I am white, I hate white people. Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are at fault for your oppression and the Tuscon shooting (rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric zzzz) because they targeted districts to win in elections (duuhhh) and despise corruption, wasteful spending and the government takeover of our health care! Please black people, don't blame me because I'm white, I'm on your side, be my friend. Give me five brother! Those right-wingers made slaves pick cotton and they stole the Indians land. I swear it's true. Please be my friend okay? And keep voting democrat.'

Most white liberals are sissies, cowards and self-loathing preachers of propaganda. Most are racist bigots themselves, who distort history and divide Americans with false claims of racism and class warfare. Their policies for years have oppressed blacks, destroyed the black family, neighborhoods, inner-city public schools, destroyed lives and opportunity.

They are mostly responsible for the ghettos, high crime and incarceration rates, drug use and teen pregnancy (then aborting those black babies because they consider them a future burden to society)

They're responsible for high unemployment by killing incentives to work, killing jobs, raising taxes and then convincing blacks that they're victims. That's supposed to work to improve the black community?

It's now 2011; how is that working out for the people of Detroit, Camden, Newark, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, D.C and Baltimore? Those cities are perfect examples of how socialism works. Those cities have been run from the bottom to the top by democrats for decades!


Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the tea partiers are not responsible for the Tuscon shooter and they are not responsible for any racism or oppression. Liberals only tell people that because they don't want you listening to them, watching them or joining them. That's a hint to START listening to them, watching them and joining them!

If the black community has anything in common with anyone, it's the tea party and conservatism! Join a damn tea party, piss off the white liberals who think you're too stupid to understand what's better for you and again, 'wake the **** up.'

You're being conned...

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