Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beck Explains Why He Supports Raising the Debt Ceiling

When Glenn Beck appeared on Fox Business Network with Judge Andrew Napolitano on Tuesday night to talk about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, the segment ended up confusing the media and Beck followers alike. That prompted Beck on Thursday to come out and clarify what he meant: he supports raising the debt ceiling.

“So where does Glenn stand on the debt ceiling?” an article on his website asks. “The issue came up last night between Glenn and Judge Napolitano, and afterwards everyone was unsure what Glenn thought. Well, after a forty-minute philosophical discussion, we have an answer. Kind of. Maybe.”

The segment with Napolitano featured Beck saying at one point raising the debt ceiling would be the “beginning of the end” of Republicans, but also that if America did not raise it and pay the money “we owe,“ the rest of the world ”flees from America I believe”:

Thursday, Beck did his best to clarify, saying that he supports raising the debt ceiling as long as that decision is coupled with meaningful reform:

Beck’s producer Stu summed up the position this way:

On the debt ceiling you’re essentially saying, look, you have to be serious about actually solving this problem but that doesn’t mean we default on all our debts. I don’t understand what is physically conservative about defaulting on debit. That’s not something that is — it’s about being responsible for your actions and your past actions. … Raise it as long as it’s paired with legitimate physical responsibility.


  1. ORLY, So to sum up. If Congress really promises this time, no crossed fingers behind their backs and kisses us gently then raising the debt ceiling is OK. Whatever, I stand by my assertion that Becks an idiot.

  2. but, as we fall further in debt, our rating falls... so no... do NOT raise the debt ceiling no matter what the uneducated O'Reilly and Beck say..