Monday, January 10, 2011

DESPICABLE: The shame and hypocrisy of the New York Times and CNN...

We noted yesterday the fingerwagging at CNN over the Fort Hood shootings and the urge to link it to radical Islam, and the rush at the network to blame another mass murder on Republicans like Sarah Palin and Tea Party activists, even though the shooter had no known link to either. Many of our commenters rightly stated that CNN was hardly alone in this utter hypocrisy, and Philip Klein at the American Spectator provides another air-tight case. He compares editorials from the New York Times then and now to expose the Gray Lady as a shrieking hysteric and a sickening example of media sources that act more like attack dogs than journalists:
November 8, 2009:

In the aftermath of this unforgivable attack, it will be important to avoid drawing prejudicial conclusions from the fact that Major Hasan is an American Muslim whose parents came from the Middle East.

President Obama was right when he told Americans, “we don’t know all the answers yet” and cautioned everyone against “jumping to conclusions.”

Unverified reports, some from his family members, suggest that Major Hasan complained of harassment by fellow soldiers for being a Muslim, that he hoped to get out of a deployment to Afghanistan, that he sought a discharge from the Army and that he opposed the American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were reports that some soldiers said they had heard him shout “God is Great” in Arabic before he started firing. But until investigations are complete, no one can begin to imagine what could possibly have motivated this latest appalling rampage.
There may never be an explanation. And, certainly, there can never be a justification.

January 10, 2011:

The shame — and hypocrisy — of CNN. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...

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