Friday, January 21, 2011

Did Glenn Beck Really Tell His Audience to ‘Shoot’ People ‘In the Head’? "Nothing Could be Further From the Truth."

First, the clip making the rounds:

There’s a 22-second Glenn Beck clip starting to make its way around the internet. It reportedly shows Beck telling his audience to “shoot them in the head” (and never explaining who “them” are). Liberals have used the statement as proof that Beck is calling on his audience to take up arms against the government. So is he? Was he?

Not even close.

The website Patterico’s Pontifications went in depth to look at the clip and its full context. What it found can only be considered depressing for the liberals and progressives trying to incite anti-Beck anger.

Pretty damning, huh? One commenter on YouTube even wrote, “This is why Comedy Central is my news channel and Fox News is my comedy channel.”

But there’s just one problem: the video actually means something completely different from what is being portrayed. Patterico’s Pontifications tracked down a transcript of the show and found what Beck was really saying — he was discussing what might happen if the progressives succeed in rallying the left to violent revolution:

When you read it, you will see that the word “you” refers to the leftist politicians in Washington and their pals in the media, and “they” refers to their radical leftist friends — who, Beck warns, actually believe there must be violent revolution . . . and if they don’t get what they want, they may start one.

Here’s the full context included in the transcript:

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