Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DISGRACEFUL: Tuscon Memorial Turns Into A Political Pep Rally. Students Were 'Cheering' And Obama New Slogan T-Shirts Handed Out! Some Confused...

T-shirts? What's wong with these people? a memorial?

Disrespectful? Memorial Sounded Like Campaign Rally in Tucson

Memorial Service’s Native American Prayer Confuses Some

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Even before the first words were spoken at this evening's memorial service for the victims of Saturday's massacre in Tucson, the atmosphere turned overtly political.

White House operatives passed out t-shirts to the crowd with Obama's new campaign logo, 'Together We Thrive.' The words were also taped to the seats in which mourners would sit during the service.

WireUpdate reported the following:

During Wednesday night’s memorial service of the fallen and wounded in the Arizona shooting tragedy attendees received a free t-shirt with a “Together We Thrive” logo emblazon on the front. Many conservatives were outraged that the President and university organizers politicized the event.

Conservative writer Michelle Malkin wrote, “President Obama used to preach that there was no “Red America” and no “Blue America,” just one America. But tonight at the memorial for the Tucson massacre victims, it will be a sea of blue as the White House unveils the “Together We Thrive” logo and slogan. Yes, the Tucson massacre is being branded.”

Televised records of the event depict a cheering crowd, not mournful spectators paying homage to the dead. An Indian invocation was offered at the beginning of the event, followed by cheers from a crowd that reacted more like the audience at a rock concert than a memorial service.

There were no Christian clergy present on the platform..

In conservative columnist Michelle Malkin's live-blog of the event, she refers to the gathering as a 'pep rally.'

Malkin also reports that buses from the University of Arizona at Tuscon flashed the Obama campaign theme prior to the event. When Obama entered the arena, the crowd wildly cheered and applauded as if they were doped pot heads at a Doobie Brothers concert. Hoots and shouts and cheers were heard each time a Leftwing speaker took the podium, such as Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder.

Said Malkin,

Obama enters stadium to wild applause. Opening music: Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.

Native American gives rambling speech while holding a feather. His remarks are frequently interrupted by whoops and cheers. He gives a shout-out to his son serving in Afghanistan. Brags about his ethnic Mexican background. Babbles about two-legged and four-legged creatures and the feminine energy that comes from Mother Earth.


More whoops and hollers for the National Anthem singer.

More whoops and hollers for the University of Arizona president.

8:28pm Eastern: Intern Daniel Hernandez, who was by Rep. Giffords’ side on Saturday and acted courageously to stanch the bleeding from her head wound, gives an excellent speech paying tribute to the heroes.

Gov. Brewer takes the stage to polite applause and pays tribute to the victims. The shooting “pierced our sense of well-being.” Arizona’s hope “will not be shredded by one madman’s act of darkness.”

Brewer brings reverence and sobriety to the event, God bless her: We will go forward “in prayer, unbending and unbowed.”

And immediately, the sobriety is broken by massive whoops and hollers for Janet Napolitano.

Just. Gross.

Disgusting. This was no memorial event but a politicized pep rally similar to that of Paul Wellstone's infamous memorial in Minnesota during which Democrat operatives turned the event into a partisan political propaganda opportunity.

Families of the victims should be thoroughly disgusted.

NOTE- 'Together We Strive?' Who are these people kidding? Who are 'together' and 'we?' Barack Obama is the most divisive President in U.S History. At times he sounds like his former Pastor Rev. Wright and at other times his mentor Saul Alinsky.

*Them against us...

*The republicans have to sit in the back seat...

*Our enemies...

*The bring a knife, we bring a gun...

*Get in their faces...

ARE THESE DEMOCRATS SERIOUS??? And they wonder why we still call them IDIOTS...

UPDATE- Memorial Service’s Native American Prayer Confuses Some

It was an 8 minute prayer that referenced everything from Father Sky to things that “slither.”

Last night’s Tucson memorial service opening blessing from Native American Carlos Gonzalez had some raising their eyebrows and many scratching their heads. What exactly was it? A prayer, a blessing, a personal information session on Carlos Gonzalez? All of the above?:

But it wasn‘t just Gonzales’s prayer that was “ugly” under the circumstances. Before he ever got to the prayer, Gonzales provided us with a mini-biography of himself and his family and made several references to Mexico, the country from which (he informed us) his family came to Arizona in the mid 19th century. I’m not sure why Gonzales felt that Mexico needed to intrude into this service, but I have an idea.

In any event, the invocation could have used more God, less Mexico, and less Carlos Gonzales. READ MORE...

Disrespectful? Memorial Sounded Like Campaign Rally in Tucson

Obama Distances Himself From Loons on the Left

Disrespectful: Republican Gov. Brewer Booed at Tucson Memorial By Young Ignorant Brainwashed Democrats


  1. The President was an amateur last night.. He cannot even PRETEND to be sensitive...
    He is LUCKY Boehner did not make the trip because people would have seen a man who DOES care about the next generation of Americans who need for this president to start to realize that the socialist dream is ALWAYS a failure and the American dream needs for him to get out of the way!!!
    President Obama and all the libs at that university need to realize that the public sector, the "public servants", need to be paid by dollars generated by the private sector...
    American needs to get back to being AMERICA.. that is the best thing to do for our children.
    I was shocked to hear Napolitano and Holder read Bible verses...and the choices were interesting.. Janet's addressed to Israel, speaking of the coming end times... Eric's about the return of Christ... how interesting is that???
    then Obama says the congresswoman opened her eyes for the first time after his visit... I seriously think Obama and his worshipers think he is the mahdi....he is no savior for the living.. only for those who want to bring down western civilization for the one world govermnment that will be the kingdom of satan on Earth.

  2. Please help defeat Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz. Please, if you live in Nebraska, New York or Tennessee, donate $$ to anyone who challenges her. She is the most annoying, despicable, hideous moron in congress, taking the title from Alan Grayson. Please please help us get rid of that kinky haired commie loser. thank you.

  3. While I know for a fact that Obama is full of shit, and pretends to care, those kids applauding like they were at a Katie Perry concert made me swole. I would love to have bitch-slapped all of them.

    John Boehner, while really caring about the country, and who doesn't fake his emotions like Obama does, is still a hypocrite RINO poltician. He won't be much different than the rest of them. Although ten times better than Pelosi, we need 1000 times better.

    We should have someone with a spine as Speaker. Bachmann or West could have went right to the Speaker position and when they take the Senate, they better put Demint in there or we're fu**ed.

    Johns ctying is also getting rather annoying. (Not annoying as Wasserman Schultz of course) but annoying. If you can't man up and do the job, hand the gavel to someone who is willing to not compromise with marxists and someone who is going to attack the media for the vermin they are. johnny aint gonna do it.

  4. This so-called "professor" explains why our college youth are coming out of school with meaningless degrees and dumb as rocks. How the heck did this clown get a job teaching? He's a nutjob. What a disgrace- and theis is Univ. of Arizona???

    I would expect this at Princeton, Rutgers or Cal Berkeley, not AZ.

  5. As Obama uses opportunities like this to promote his re-election.. he also plans on spending 500 billion dollars on his re-relection campaign... where will he get such funds?? from the middle east and other America HATING regions of the world, to be combined with what is left in the TARP fund I am sure..