Friday, January 28, 2011

DUMB STUDENTS: TV Actress Tells Students to Boycott Bristol Palin....But Communist Van Jones Is OK? UPDATE: University Uninvites Bristol. WTF?!?

Kate who?

Washington University in St. Louis is planning a “Student Sexual Responsibility Week” next month. They decided to invite Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol to speak about abstinence at the event. Bristol is the Teen Abstinence Ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, a group dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy. She’s also become a popular media figure in her own right, having appeared on one of television’s most popular shows, Dancing With The Stars.

Campus leftists immediately tugged on their jackboots and flew into a towering pillar of rage. Today they were able to intimidate the university and Palin into calling off her appearance – the latest evidence that campus liberals could teach Hosni Mubarak a thing or two about suppressing dissent.

The nominal reason given by the campus conformity police was that inviting Palin to speak would be too expensive. It’s a little-known fact that professional speakers work for free, especially famous ones who are guaranteed to draw huge crowds. The true professional speaker has transcended petty material needs like food and transportation, willingly devoting days of their time to hitch-hike across the country and give speeches. They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, and they have learned to use the Force only for knowledge and defense, never attack.

The real reason for suppressing Palin was provided by actress Kate Walsh, a Planned Parenthood drone who Twittered “Welcome to the idiocracy!” and asked “What does she know about college or abstaining?” when encouraging students to boycott the Palin appearance. Walsh herself is a highly educated graduate of… well, actually, she dropped out of the University of Arizona to do theater. It should also be noted that Walsh starred in the movie Legion, in which mankind was only saved from annihilation at the hands of avenging angels because a young single mother decided not to have an abortion. READ MORE...

University Uninvites Bristol Palin Over Too Much ‘Controversy’


  1. Female college students, the second dumbest voting block in America, are earning their title at Washington University. They love Marxist Obama, who visited, Communist Van Jones, who visited, but won't let some teen show up? If you don't like her don't go. I live near a college campus and you wouldn't believe how stupid young girls are today. They are so clueless, especially on social issues, economics and politics. They aren't even good in the kitchen or their backs anymore. It's sad.

  2. We all get older, Charlie.....