Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exploiting Tragedy: ‘We Had Restraint on Speech Back Then’ — Rep. Clyburn Calls For New Fairness Doctrine & Gun Restrictions

Rep. Clyburn is a piece of trash for politicizing the massacre in Tuscon. He can't play the race card, so he's playing the 'Beck' card. Give us a break. Please do everything in your power to make sure he is not re-elected.

Rahm Emanual was dead on when he said to (democrats)"never let a good crisis go to waste" but what the democrats are doing is despicable.


  1. Black voters are the dumbest voters, followed by white women. They will vote based on color and support policies that destroy their own community.

    The reason they even have their own community is because democrats like keeping them all together in the ghettos of the inner cities with poor schools. Keep them in public housing, keep them unemployed, addicted to drugs, incarcerated, pregnant, government dependent and then attack republicans as racists which is the farthest from truth, then throw in a black mayor to fetch the black vote.

    It works, and only black conservatives, the smart ones, have figured out the con game.

    White women vote even more stupidly. They will pick a guy who is handsome, or who had a rough childhood out of sympathy, or because of an abortion issue. They will vote out of guilt, stupidity and with their heart and vagina over their brain. Just telling the truth here.

  2. I have to honestly say that the DEMOCRIP party are the most DANGEROUS group in America today. These gun grabbing, anti freedom, limousine liberal dirtbags will not be satisfied until we all are slaves. I thought the Bush administration was bad but the Obama Administration has won the title. The democrips are taking the advice of Rahm Emanuel & using this crisis to further their fascist agenda. How low will the lamestream media go with their kooky lies without facts? How long will they continue to instigate this tragedy to keep Americans in fear of each other? I can't bare to watch the news on tel-lie-vision anymore. The propaganda & lies are outrageous.

    I will never support gun control or the end of free speech. Rep Clyburn is a clueless putz. If these democrip bastards don't like it. MOVE TO COMMIE CHINA & BE DONE WITH IT. BTW take that gun grabbing dictator Mayor Bloomberg with you. We need politicians who respect their constituents & the constitution. We have to clean house again in 2012.