Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MORE HYPOCRISY FROM DEMS: Kristi Noem, Above The Law. WANTED (Dead or Alive?)

See the website democrats started to 'target' Kristi Noem.

Don't worry, we're not going to do what Media Matters or The Daily Kos would do, like add a fake "Dead or Alive' line to the sign. But if this had been posted by a conservative running against a liberal, you wouldn't hear the end of how this might be taken as WANTED 'Dead or Alive.' MSNBC's Chris Matthews would pee in his diaper if this had been right on left!

Liberals are such phonies, hypocrites and morons. Put them in your 'crosshairs' during the next election and please STOP voting democrat.

OH, BY THE WAY LIBS- Please start addressing Kristi Noem as 'Congresswoman' or 'Rep.' Kristi Noem. She's earned that title...

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