Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MSNBC's Donnie 'DeutschBag' Compares Sarah Palin to ‘Snooki’: She‘s a ’Cartoon Character.’ PALIN: 'They're Not Going to Shut Me Up'

What would you say if I told you an MSNBC panelist, who made his name in advertising, compared a former vice-presidential candidate and governor to an over-the-top reality TV star who was just* arrested for public drunkenness? If you said you don’t believe it happened, then you’d be wrong.

On Tuesday morning’s “Morning Joe,” panelist Donny Deutsch had an epiphany and opined about America’s fascination with Sarah Palin. According to him, explaining that fascination is “very simple”:

“Why the fascination [with Sarah Palin]? It’s very simple and I’m not going to be glib here. She is Snooki. It’s the same math. A younger generation they want to watch this character with big character with big hair who’s funny…you don’t know she’s going to say. It’s no different but for a higher demographic! We watch her she’s interesting looking, whats she going to say? She’s campy, she’s kitschy, it’s telegenic, its television, its entertainment. That’s the fascination. Beginning, middle and end of story, she’s Snooki.”

For those unfamiliar with Snooki, she’s the star of the reality TV series “Jersey Shore.” On last night’s episode, she was arrested for being drunk in public:

And for comparison, a clip from Palin’s reality TV series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”:

Palin and Snooki: it’s obvious they are both “cartoon characters.” They might as well be twins attached at the hip.

In a slightly longer version of the panelist’s monologue posted on Mediaite, Deutsch says he knows another panelist, Willie Geist, agrees with him and begs Geist not to leave Deutsch “hanging.” Unfortunately for Deutsch, Geist refuses to agree. It looks like not everyone is willing to make the odd comparison:

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NOTE- We have to give a ton of credit to Todd Palin for not waiting outside the MSNBC studio every morning and making these guys 'toothless' for talking about his wife the way they do. It's totally justified and these 'microphone bitches' deserve physical punishment in the form of broken jaws, bitch-slaps and swollen eyes for the mean, nasty, personal insults against his wife.

'Yes Todd Palin, you are justified!'

Sarah Palin is a very nice, sweet, smart, successful strong CONSERVATIVE woman and these sissies like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Donnie 'Douchebag' are just jealous of her and disagree with her politically. That's no reason to go on a (former) major news network and sit around the table viciously attacking and personally insulting the woman. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed and they have crossed it a long time ago.

Palin: 'They're Not Going to Shut Me Up'

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  1. Joe Scarborough is such a wussy. He claims he's a republican, I say bullshit. He's a leftist wimp who poses as some centrist. He makes me sick. As do the rest of these liberals. I don't want them talking like that about anyone. Even Hillary Clinton, who I believe is far dumber than Palin.

  2. I'm glad the moderator of the site agrees that people should not be personally insulted simply for political disagreements. I'll now wait to see that he monitors the site according to that fair and rightful observation.

  3. so you're saying they should monitor the site and only approve comments that are politically correct and in agreement with them? thats what the left does on their sites. i have seen some nasty comments on here, good comments and believe all comments should be posted so all readers know how everyone feels, unless of course it's some threat on someones life or some ridiculous comment loaded with profanity or spam of course.

    as for the todd palin thing, i agree. there's a line and it has been way crossed. if you're out to dinner and some guy walks by your table and calls your wife a nasty ****...most real men would get up and not say excuse me, but slug the jackass. what they have done to palin and her kids is no different. i would just hope to see it on youtube. i would love to see todd kick the shit out of schuster, schultz, matthews, maddow (he's a guy too) and olbermann,

  4. "It's totally justified and these 'microphone bitches' deserve physical punishment in the form of broken jaws, bitch-slaps and swollen eyes for the mean, nasty, personal insults against his wife."

    Maybe Todd Palin isn't being his "real man" sort of self that is required and defending his wife's honor, according to some kind of street justice, macho swagger that is so valued here. Mixed messages in that paragraph.

  5. macho street justice? what are you a panzi? of course, why did I even ask. look douche, the violence and the rhetoric comes from the left 90% of the time. so again, get off these boards if you are not going to leave fairyland.