Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Donald Trump on Savage Nation! CALLER 'Unbeatable Ticket' 2012 Alan West/Donald Trump.

Trump would be good dealing in standing up to the Chinese, but as far as President, he's unfit to lead. He supported Hillary Clinton and then Barack Obama for President. If he couldn't recognize them for the radical pandering frauds that they are, he's unfit to lead. Trump would better serve as an economic advisor.

As for Alan West, put him on the ticket! He has our vote...


  1. Donald needs to take the time to research the truth of the conspiracy between wall street and the progressives to tell the American people that our nation was set up for financial ruin by the progressives so they could use Alinsky and Cloward and Piven strategies to force us toward socialism, a system that fails each and every single time... Donald has got to get this precise so he can spit it out every opportunity he has because if the lie stands that this is all Bush's fault... Obama and his labor union thugs will be able to intimidate voters, fraudulent, dead, feloneous and liberal to all vote several times each to further enslave us to an inefficient, corrupt, inept, incompetant government that cannot wait to have stolen every last bit of our prosperity and freedom because they are EVIL!

  2. Trump/West........its not an airline!