Monday, January 17, 2011

NYT: Arizona Shooter Was a Bush Hater. The Left Continues to Falsely Link Conservatives to Loughner

TUCSON — Moments after the swirl of panic, blood, death and shock, the suspect was face down on the pavement and squirming under the hold of two civilians, his shaved head obscured by a beanie and the hood of his dark sweatshirt.

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Audetat, a chiseled former Marine with three tours in Iraq to his credit, dug his knee into the gangly young man’s back and cuffed him. With the aid of another deputy, he relieved the heroic civilians of their charge and began searching for weapons other than the Glock semiautomatic pistol, secured nearby under a civilian’s foot, that had just fired 31 rounds. READ MORE...

Dana Milbank And The Continued Crusade To Falsely Link Beck And Palin To Violence

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