Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RUBBER BROTHER: Progressive Marc Lamont Hill Denounces Heated Rhetoric…Then Calls Obama a ‘Murderer’

During an interview with WOR talk radio host Steve Malzberg Wednesday, Columbia University professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill calls for a relaxation in political rhetoric while simultaneously calling Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama “murderers.”

The liberal professor stands firm in his accusation of Bush, but when pressed with his characterization of Obama, Hill backs down, using a generalization to say the “U.S. government is responsible for murder.”

Way to “tone it down”…

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  1. Marc Lamont Hill is a coward. He admitted to the host that both Bush & Obama are murderers. When the host asked him did you just say Obama is a murderer. He backpeddles & says the U.S GOV'T ARE MURDERERS. LOL Earth to Marc Lamont Hill.....Pres. Obama did send drones to pakistan killing people. He has escalated the wars in the middle east. Therefore, he is a murderer just like Bush. Please be consistent & not play favorites b/c Obama is black.

    The loons on the left are the biggest hypocrites. Where are the anti-war demonstrations?? Oh only that exist when a REPUBLICAN is in office?? These people are not serious about the troops or free speech unless it benefits them. I didn't support these wars of agression when Bush was in office & I'm not going to change my view on these wars b/c Lord Obama is in office. This is the reason I cannot take liberals seriously. They are big time phonies.