Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Sissy Boy' Chris Matthews Yells at Tea Party Leader: Why Is 'Balloon-Head' Bachmann Speaking for you? Matthews Clueless on Black History and Slavery

Wow! This guy sure hates intelligent women in power doesn't he? He attacks the poor tea party guy about historical slavery questions, which he's not accurate about and which have nothing to do with the State of the Union address and Michele Bachmann, while giving his phony feminist libtard guest gets a free past.

Chris Matthews was nearly apoplectic in his questioning of Tea Party Express co-founder Sal Russo on the topic of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her controversial re-imagining of history where the founding fathers found a way to end slavery in their lifetime. Repeatedly calling Bachmann a "balloon head," Matthews demanded to know why Russo and the Tea Party wanted Bachmann to give a response to the State of the Union address or, more generally, why they ever wanted her to open her mouth in the first place? READ MORE...

Most young black teens (and Chris Matthews) from an early age are often given inaccurate historical accounts about slavery in America.

Most of these assertions have more to do with emmotions than with the facts.
One popular slavery myth that gets pounded over an over is the the "Three fifths rule"..which according to black leftist ingrained into law that blacks were subhuman. Leading many to think that we should have been counted fully. The history behind this is much more complex as the piece below will try to explain.

This is from a PBS's documentory on George Washington!

It is sometimes wrongly said that the famous Three-Fifths compromise meant that the founders considered slaves as only partial human beings. In fact, the compromise had nothing to do with the human worth of the individual slave. States with slaves wanted to count all of their slaves in the state’s population because that would yield more representatives in Congress.

The opponents of slavery, noting that slaves had no rights of citizenship including the vote, argued that slaves should not be counted at all for purposes of representation. In the end, the compromise was to count three-fifths of the state’s slaves in the total population. In another words, for every five slaves, three of would be added to the population count used to determine representation in the House of Representatives.

The Slavery Compromises

Since representation in the House of Representatives was to be based on population, a debate arose over whether slaves should be counted in a states population. According to James Madisons diary, the issue of slavery was the most divisive subject at the convention. While many of the Founding Fathers including George Washington viewed slavery as inconsistent with the principles of the Revolution and the Declaration of Independence, they knew that there was little chance of abolishing slavery at the time.

After all, if those opposed to slavery insisted on its abolition, slave states could have walked out of the convention and formed their own nation with a pro-slavery constitution. So the issue of slavery would require compromise if the United States were to survive. Washington and the other Founders hoped that slavery could be eliminated from the United States once a strong union was formed.



  1. Russo looked like an idiot, and I know he's not. How come it's so hard to get a straight answer out of a teabagger?

  2. Thankfully the only people who watch Matthews are sitting at desks in the Whitehouse..
    Unfortunately they gave him the talking points to hit.
    Michelle Bachman is smart to make her own platform to speak from. Now she can be heard, especially by the enemy who used to ignore her.

  3. How come it's so hard to get an answer out of a teabagger? That comment is exactly why I am 100% convinced liberals are mentally retarded. And when I say retarded, I am not talking about "special" people, because "special" people are a hell of a lot smarter.

    First, the bias in this debate/interview is disgusting! Matthews tries to trip a tea party rep. up on a slavery question that 85% of Americans wouldn't know when he's "trying" to answer why Bachman was choosen to speak!

    When Matthews senses he doesn't know the answer, he smells blood and attacks like the feminine whiny shark that he is. But it has nothing to do with why this man is on the show!! He tried this before awith a libertarian tea partier and tea partier St Louis rep. Dana Loesh and both of them schooled Chris Matthews making him look like the ass that he is. Those so-called " teabaggers" (law-abiding, hard working, tax paying, producers and positive mebers of society who actually care about this country and on their own time protest corruption, out of control wasteful spending and accountabilty, REAL ASSHOLE TEABAGGERS RIGHT?) made Chris Matthews look like a punk. Go watch the videos on youtube! you dork.

    And why should this guy answer the question anyway? Why did that Joan skank get a free pass? Why wasn't she asked about the 3/5 of a man question? (which Matthews had wrong, you see he has the "indoctrinated made-up liberal version)

    I don't think anyone who doesn't know the answer to every single question about history in an idiot. I am very informed on the constitution, which is downloaded into my phone, but shit, once in a while I have to go to it for word by word accuracy.

    You my friend are an idiot for calling him a "teabagger." What kind of nasty name is that to call someone who is doing something so heroic. I'm a tea partier, and when I went to (14) tea parties in DC, Scranton, NYC, Philadelphia, I am the guy with the sign "Call me a 'teabagger' to my face" and you know what, the cowards don't do it. I look for the SEIU and ACORN, and infiltrators, I beg them to try it. Maybe because I'm a 6-3 245lb former boxer and Marine they are intimidated, but call an old lady next to me a "teabagger" you will get teabagged with a left hook.

    Liberals are sissies, cowards, wimps and idiots. It's a fact. And all you white liberals run around using blacks and slavery to promote your agenda is so hypocritical since all liberalism has done is destroy the black family, community and lives for 50 years.

    Get a life loser.

  4. "When Matthews senses he doesn't know the answer, he smells blood and attacks like the feminine whiny shark that he is."

    I'm thoroughly convinced Russo knew the answer. This is sixth grade history. But he single-mindedly decided he wanted to talk about government spending when the question was posed again and again and a again. He knows damn well Bachmann stepped in it with her entirely skewed take on history. But he can't bring himself to criticize the loony-tunes remarks she made. But it doesn't matter to the Tea Party people. The crazier and more outlandish she talks, the better.

  5. O.K. then why is it O.K. for your man Obama to step into it and Matthews or yourself never bring that up? It's called IGNORANCE! You cant have it both ways and make it O.K. for you but not others! Did you miss this video or decline to view it or comment on it out of IGNORANCE? You know damn well Obama has stepped in it but will not admit it right?

  6. "The Tea Party People" You left-wingers are the biggest distorters of history, the biggest liars and the biggest hypocrites period! You have a lot of nerve boy..

    What about Matthews take on "skewed history?"

    Michele Bachmann is an amazing woman who actually gives a shit about this country, unlike 90% of politicians, and I can name them.

    She in intelligent, whether you like it or not. She's a true feminist, a true conservative and an excellent voice for the tea party, history buff or not.

    You better get a clue kid and understand what the tea party is about before you criticize people. You would think so-called liberals would agree with the tea party but remember, they're the biggest phonies and hypocrites on the planet. They're also dishonest, evil, miserable people who have to change their name every 10 years. Now they're progressives. Progressing what? Bad ideas that have failed in the past?

    You're an idiot. This site must have been named after you.