Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smarter Than Bush? Obama Tells China, 'We Want to Sell you all Kinds of Stuff'

Smarter Than Bush? Obama Tells China, 'We Want to Sell you all Kinds of Stuff'

..."We also think that China's rise offers enormous economic opportunity. We want to sell you all kinds of stuff. We want to will sell you planes. We want to sell you cars. We want to sell you software," President Obama told Hu Jintao at a press conference this afternoon.

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  1. Skull and Bones, which both Bush's belonged to had a goal of one world government. Who knows if Bush intended for China to be the leader and that is why when they pirated and stole our technology and products we did nothing, letting them take over production of everything even if it poisoned US along with the planet.
    It is time to wake up to this New World Order deal that the progressives are going to make happen...
    Obama has successfully put our nation in the clenched fist of communist China. Bill Ayers plan back in the 60s was to have China and Russia come in and run things after he and his domestic terror buddies violently overthrew our government. They had to slow things down and do it stealthly instead.. and now we are at the precipice of being told what to do and when by China...
    The new world order is not going to be good for us, since Obama plans on regulating us out of house and home... Hard times are coming and it is time to tell the American people the true goal of Obama, Soros, Rockefeller and the rest of the globalists. They have sold us out.