Friday, January 28, 2011

"UHH, DUUH,UHHH:" Obama Under Fire as 'Day of Rage' Dawns in Egypt

Newsmax reports: The turmoil in Middle East also is generating chaos in Washington, where foreign policy experts in and out of the Obama administration are trying determine how America should respond… Now, there are indications the administration’s effort to play global politics to its advantage by soft-pedaling Egypt's abuses could be backfiring. The Times story notes: “This balancing of private pressure with strong public support for Mr. Mubarak has become increasingly tenuous in recent days.” Increasingly, the administration is coming under criticism for first appearing to encourage pro-democracy movements that it now seems very reticent to embrace. The clash over human rights also appears to be on the verge of triggering a political clash in the United States: Republicans well remember the tepid White House response to the crackdown on protesters following fraudulent elections in Iran in 2009. Republicans complained that President Barack Obama’s response was too timid. The administration’s ambivalence stems from the region’s volatility. There is uncertainty over whether stable, Democratic regimes can prevail over the Islamic extremism that is so common in the nations now experiencing unrest. Read More...


  1. For the sake of the larger world, hope that the President can contribute to an easing of the tension in this troubled time...this is not a time for politics or political opportunity. It's time to be an American.

  2. Obama is ECSTATIC that he and his Muslim Broterhood brothers have managed to get the foot soldiers out to undermine all the western friendly arab governments. The islamic global caliphate, a totalitarian world order will soon be compete..
    America, Obama IS the deceitful stealth jidist... is he the mahdi??? we will soon find out..
    Obama and his cousin Odinga have written sharia into the new Kenyan constitution, imposing sharia on a population only 8% muslim.. The 2 of them are trying to oust a Christian elected president in the Ivory Coast.. now street violence makes it possible to topple western friendly islamic governments to leave what??? totalitarian islamic regimes like Iran, who applaud what is happening in those nations..
    This is Obama's plan. When is he going to tell us that he has sufficiently subverted our constitution with sharia??? That he is the dictator of the islamic republic of America.
    Be firm and do not convert to islam because it is the "religion" of SATAN. God wins in the end...

  3. Looks like someone was able to gnaw through the restraints and get to the computer early this morning.

  4. Really? A liberal wrote that? There's more truth to that statement than most Americans realize. Most Americans are stupid people, especially when it comes to politics. They couldn't recognize a radical takeover if it was right in front of them. Try reading Obama's regulatry czar Cass Sunsteins's book "NUDGE" and maybe you will get some sort of clue.

    Also remember that the only political group of people who have actually been diagnosed by many real good qualified psychiatrists as "mentally disturbed" are liberals.