Monday, January 17, 2011

WRONG TURN: Far Left Again Strikes Blow Against the Working Man.

West Virginians need to send the democrats packing and the liberals camping...

West Virginians better wise up. At what point will they understand that Democrat principles and policies run counter to their better interests? Many of the states workers are unionized but today’s Democratic party is not your grandfather Democratic party. The party today has been co-opted by the far left and their greeny-weeney agenda. This week the EPA vetoed Arch Coals mining permit for its Spruce mine in Logan county, and the decision was cheered by environmentalists (far left democrats). More and more these far left nutbags are striking blows against the working man and the U.S. economy. You can’t mine, drill for oil, build nuclear powerplants, farmers can’t irrigate crops because of a 2 inch minnow and the list goes on. West Virginians need to stop being a bunch of lemmings and using the union as their only litmus test for how they vote because this socialist wing of the Democratic does not have their best interests at heart. READ MORE...


  1. lmao! Love that movie. Send the libs camping is great! They wouldn't know what to do with their loafers on. They would last an hour without their cell phones and lap

  2. I work with a bunch of fireman vote democrat and who think that if they don't vote democrat, big bad republicans will come along and privatize them, take their pensions and benefits. Little do they know they are going to have to pay the piper now and more taxes. Their pensions won't be there in 10 years.