Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bachmann Blasts Obama‘s ’Socialism’, Invites Everyone Out for Drinks During CPAC Speech

Two things were clear in Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) opening speech Thursday at the annual CPAC gathering in Washington, D.C.: she doesn’t like Barack Obama, and she’s ready to party.

Bachmann, a possible 2012 presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite, reminded the audience of about 11,000 that she wants to make Obama a one-term president, that she sees his health care overhaul as “socialism” and dangerous for America, but also that conservatives have reason to celebrate after sweeping wins in the November elections.

“There is no question, and I have no reservation in saying this: we have seen President Obama usher in socialism under his watch over the last two years, and Obamacare is quite clearly the crown jewel of socialism,” she said. “And repealing it is the driving motivation of my life. The first political breath I take every morning is to repeal Obamacare.” READ MORE...

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