Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DOPE AND CHANGE: Op-Ed: Pres. Obama's Intervention in Wisconsin Violates Constitutional Obligations, Abuses Office

What do you expect when millions of idiots put this clown into the White House?

President Obama's intervention in the dispute between Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker and public employee unions violates his constitutional obligations to ensure representative democracy in each of the several states and abuses special privileges he enjoys as President.

Across the country governors and state legislatures are grappling with tough budget deficits made worse by union contracts that guarantee workers more generous retirement and health care benefits than enjoyed by their private sector counterparts.

Governor Walker faces a $3.6 billion dollar shortfall over the biennium beginning July 1. He is seeking legislation requiring state workers, who currently contribute little or nothing to pensions, to kick in 5.8 percent of wages, and to pay 12.6 percent of the cost of health insurance. In return, he promises no layoffs-compared to private sector workers, those are great terms. READ MORE...

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